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U.S. Trade Winds Aviation Flight Academy, English abbreviation: Trade Winds Aviation. Founded in 1988, the trade winds are FAA Aviation FAA and Cessna Pilot Center jointly approved flight school, the FAA license number: NO.5SWS006L. Trade winds Aviation is headquartered in San Francisco, California Reed Mountain Airport Reid-Hillview Airport here is the nation& #39;s best professional flight training in one of the regions; With varied terrain, convenient transportation, as well as the ideal airspace and climate , where as many flying enthusiasts.

Trade Winds Aviation training base - Reed Mountain Airport is a large-scale integrated with modern airports, more than 200 aircraft for flight training. Also allows you to sail in a controlled airspace. There are many different practice area airports, which gives you an inside in the same class at several different airports experience more instrument training program. Trade winds Aviation has the world& #39;s most advanced types of models as well as flight simulation training devices, such as: Cessna172R, Cessna172SP, Diamond DA40 other models, the existing aircraft are equipped with the most advanced electronic devices such as IFR GPS and autopilot  Our mission is to foster the highest professional standards of today and professionalism of pilots, we have the ability to make their own contribution to the field of aviation, to this point, we are very proud of.

Trade Winds Aviation is the recognized professional pilot training leader in the field, it has the highest level of professional training, including flight safety, aviation academic content, flight operations and management, aircraft maintenance and other projects. Aviation is the trade winds from a cadet pilots to the air transport is the best starting point for change. We have a number of outstanding full-time FAA certified flight instructors, they will help you fully understand the aviation regulations, the National Airspace System, flight navigation, aircraft systems and flight standards. By participating in the trade winds FAA approved commercial aviation flight training system, will make your achievements made rapid progress.

Meanwhile, in order to give Chinese students to provide more professional service, the U.S. Trade Winds Aviation in Beijing set up a representative office in China, hired a Chinese civil aviation professionals as consultants for better understanding of Chinese aviation industry policies and regulations for the students returning conversion pilot& #39;s license and employment help.

U.S. trade winds Airlines flight for your professional career lay a solid foundation. Trade Winds Aviation since its establishment has trained nearly a thousand outstanding international pilots were serving United Airlines, American West Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines and other internationally renowned airlines. If your goal is to become a professional pilot, then apply the trade winds Airlines is your best choice, Trade Winds Aviation can help you get the flying experience, expertise and adequate self-confidence, allowing

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